Efficient Recovery Of Outlook 2011 For Mac

Today in this technology concerned world all other task is done using an application. Because of this fact the recent past years have seen number of software programs coming into existence just to help people. To move on with this modern technology and innovations many users consider to switch of the email clients after Outlook 2011 for Mac. Many windows based users of Outlook upgraded their Outlook to 2011 for Mac. An Outlook 2011 is a great achievement with much improved user interface, advanced graphics and excellent effects. The Outlook 2011 is the latest email client and a personal information manager for Macintosh. It is an advanced version of Entourage 2008.


Outlook 2011 for Mac

The Outlook 2011 for Mac has made it much easier for users to send and receive emails. The Outlook 2011 saves all users email data in a file called OLM file. In this OLM file is stored the archive of all Outlook data on Mac including the contacts, emails, messages, calender events and various other related data. On the whole it can be said that the Mac Outlook 2011 is a full emailing package for users.

However, there is still an unsolved issue with the Outlook 2011 and that is loss of essential and valuable data. In order, to prevent this fear of essential mail data loss users are better advised to backup the Mac Outlook data at regular intervals. Actually, there are two major situations that require users to backup Mac Outlook data:

  • It is required to make a local file archive of the Mac Outlook 2011. This will help user restore data easily and safely in case the system database becomes damaged or the Outlook 2011 on Mac does not work correctly.
  • Another option is to transfer entire mail data to another Mac system. User can either choose to transfer all Mac Outlook data or just some selected items as per the requirements.

Backup Mac Outlook 2011

There are several ways to backup Outlook 2011 mails on Mac OS X, such as:

  • Backup data with Export feature – This feature is usually used when user needs to backup entire data into just one single file due to the reason to move complete data to another Mac machine.
  • Use drag and drop to backup data – The drag and drop method to backup Mac Outlook data is normally used in case user decides to make copy of some important mail folders.
  • Backup data with Quick backup – To use this method and backup all Outlook 2011 Mac mails user can just drag the ‘Microsoft user data’ folder from ‘Documents’ folder into a external drive and the data will be copied itself.

Backup Outlook 2011 on Mac data with Time Machine

Moreover, in the Mac system there is a Time Device application that automatically generates the backup of all data in Mac OS X including the Outlook 2011 mails. Thus, if any file on Mac machine goes corrupted or is missing then user can quickly recover it from the Time Machine backup. The Outlook also regenerates its database once user restore data. However, if the Mac Outlook database is very large then the process to restore data might be very long.

However, in case if no Outlook database backup created with the Time Machine and the data lost or is deleted then to recover data safely and completely users are best recommended to use a professional third party software.


Why data loss occurs in Outlook 2011 Mac?

Reasons of failure or data loss in Mac Outlook 2011 database files:

  • Attack of viruses or spywares.
  • Power failure issues.
  • Software or hardware problems.
  • Malware infections.
  • Human related issues.

These are the several conditions under which user fails to gain access to their data stored in Mac Outlook 2011. The situation can badly frustrate users if the data saved is extremely essential and needed immediately. The best solution to overcome all such situation is to use a fantastic OLM repair application.

Problems faced when Mac Outlook 2011 does not work?

Situation faced by users when the Outlook 2011 database is damaged or becomes inaccessible:

  • Outlook stops responding, does not open or closes automatically.
  • The item selected in Outlook either does not open or the wrong one opens.
  • In the contacts or message list of Outlook blank line appears.
  • The contact entries of Outlook does not come correctly.
  • Several saved data in the Outlook cannot be found.
  • A window opens with a blank office reminders.
  • Scrapbook clippings disappears.

However, user can rebuild the missing identity database in the Mac Outlook 2011 by using Microsoft Database Utility.

How to rebuild identity database?

    • Close all the opened application.
    • Free about three times the hard disk space as current size of Outlook identity.
    • Create backup of current identity.
    • Now rebuild the database as:
      1. Hold on ‘Option’ key on keyboard and start Outlook.
      2. From the Database Utility Windows choose the database needed to maintain and then click on rebuild.
      3. After the process completes a message pops up, ‘Your database was rebuild successfully.’
      4. Click on Done.
    • Create new identity: If Outlook is being used in home or at work and having multiple identities then to recover a particular identity that is damaged user needs to make a new identity.
    • In order to make new identity follow:
    1. Close all programs.
    2. Hold on Option key and click on Outlook icon in dock. It will open Microsoft database utility.
    3. Click on plus [+] sign to create new identity and give name for new identity.
    4. Click on Action button and select new identity as a default.
    5. Quit the application and restart Outlook and see if the problem solved.

Still if the problem does not get resolved then it is better for users to go with the OLM repair tool.

OLM repair for Mac Outlook 2011 Database file

The OLM repair tool is an excellent application designed with all new technique and sophisticated algorithm to restore any deleted or inaccessible data on Mac system without much hassle. With the help of this program user can get back all Mac Outlook 2011 files including the EMI files. The EMI files can then be easily and conveniently accessed in Outlook Express by simply dragging-dropping the file in Outlook DBX file.

Here are some of wonderful features of OLM repair software:

      • It is very easy to understand and run the application.
      • Safely and quickly undelete any lost data.
      • Can recover data from all HFS, HFS+, NTFS, HFSX, HFS Wrapper.
      • Restores all types and formats of data on Mac.
      • Also provide preview of data to users so that user can select only the desired data to be recovered.

Prevention tips for users

An Outlook is a wonderful application to manage users email data. However, at times the program can go weired and lead users to valuable Mac data loss. To avoid this situation user can follow some simple guidelines:

      • Always have updated data backup.
      • Close Outlook carefully before closing system.
      • Save contacts.
      • Perform virus scan at regular intervals.
      • Disable all the unnecessary add-ins.
      • Keep .olm files free from infections.


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